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Lighting up lives, if only a moment at a time.


                         “ For the person with dementia,

            the most important moment is the present moment,

           tomorrow can scarcely be imagined or anticipated

                                    or understood.

                  Yesterday is, at best, a dim recollection.

                 People with dementia live in the moment:

                  life is most fully experienced in the now.

                   Our supreme challenge as caregivers

                          is to embrace this attitude of

                               living in the moment.

             It is here we find the best opportunity to experience

                        a measure of joy and fulfilment

                        during this caregiving journey.”


Carol Bowlby Sifton - "Navigating the Alzheimers Journey" - 2004








Assessment and
Personal Advice and Guidance


Home Consults




Quality Management


Behavioural Expression


Care Planning


Models of Care


Achievement of Better Practice



Family Support



Community Agencies


Aged Care and RACF's


 The Acute Sector and Hospitals


Private Home Environments






Learning and Development
Evidence Based Research
Making a Difference

Uplifting Environments
Supporting an Enriched Lifestyle

Maintaining Independence
Engagement and Communication

Choice and Preference
Respect and Dignity
Stimulating Activity
Bio-psychosocial interventions
Purpose and Meaning
Living Best Lives


"I may not speak but I’m still here,

Feel my pain, see my tears,
All you say I can still hear
PLEASE pass it on.
Just a smile as you pass by,
A little wave that says hi,
Is enough to still my cries?
PLEASE pass it on.
So many walk past every day
Without a word, nil to say,
With heavy heart sometimes I lay
PLEASE pass it on.
So the next time you walk past,
Please make sure a smile is cast,
That loving image will forever last",

Norrm - Diagnosed with dementia

7 yrs ago, aged 50 .

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