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Common topics:

  • Understanding Dementia: Let's Start at the very Beginning

  • Effective Communication and Dementia: Learning the language of Dementia

  • Person Centered Care: The Golden Year

  • Get Wet for Wellbeing: Falls Prevention and People Living with Dementia

  • Depression versus Dementia

  • Food for Thought - Nutrition and Dementia

  • Dementia Enabling Environments: A Home away from Home

  • Dementia gets Dolled Up                                           

  • Changed Behaviour: The Unequivocal Rights of PLD to express Themselves                                                                                             


      Numerous other topics are available at request.


Additional resources:

Dementia Australia:

NATIONAL DEMENTIA HELPLINE  1800 100 500                                  

Dementia Alliance International:











International Caregivers Association:



Lend Lease Video


Award for "Excellence In Innovation" and

"Employee Excellence" won by Leah Bisiani:

for her person centered care models of care

that resulted perceiving responses to stress as a normal reaction to unmet need.

Furthermore this created an incident and injury

free environment for older persons living with

dementia, and the caregivers delivering

the care.




Published work:


"For information on published

articles and papers, please send me

an email via the website 'contact me'

page, and I shall respond promptly

with whatever access is required to

your specific topics of interest".


Leah Bisiani.


Twilight Aged Care:

Leah Bisiani is Twilight's Aged and Dementia Care Specialist, leading Dementia Care in RACF's Australia.




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